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It is recommended for enhancing performance and desire in both men and women. It is known to increase energy levels, supporting mental and physical performance levels and it also helps in maintaining optimal stamina, feelings and vitality; this supplement is ideal for those looking for a natural boost.

Promotes Healthy Desire for Men and Women
Extra Strength Formula
Helps to Increase Lean Muscle Mass
Helps to Increase Testosterone Production

Kaya Fit


Kayafit contains pure green tea extract

  • Kayafit contains pure green tea extract
  • Kayafit contains green tea extract, which is natural antioxidant support, your immune system.
  • Kayafit fight cell damage, aid the growth healthy cells in your Body, and promote fat oxidation.
  • Unlikely taste of green tea, use kayafit as in green tea extract cap…
  • One cap daily after meal

El Pello


Solve Split ends problem No side effects

  • A to z multivitamins and minerals
  • Perfect Formula for men and women
  • This comprehensive and complete formula delivers a total of 47 vitamins, minerals, super antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino acids, digestive enzymes, health blends in one convenient daily dose
  • Features branched chain amino acids to fuel muscles
  • The best multivitamin formulation to meet the complex nutritional challenges faced by men

Actiday Tablet

Antioxident + DHA + Lycopen + Multivitamin + Multimineral

Actiday Plus Capsules

Lycopene + Selenium+ Folic Acid + Ginseng + Coenzyme Q10 + Zinc

Actiday 5 G Tablet

Advanced Multivitamin Tablet

Actifit Tablet

Vitamin A + C + E + Zinc + Selenium + Copper

Actifit Gold Tablet

Multivitamin + Multiminerals+ Antioxident + Ginseng + Lycopene

Actimeg 369 Capsule

Omega 369 Capsule

Actimeg Forte Tablet

Ginseng + Omega 3 Fatty Acid + Coenzyme Q10 + Vitamin+ Minerals Tablet

Atedip Tablet

Amlodipine 5 + Atenelol 50 Tablet

Calcinon D3

Calcium + Vitamin D3

Calcinon K2 Tablet

Calcium + Vitamin K27

Cefinon S Tablet

Cefixime 200 + Sulbactum 150 Mg Tablet

Ceponic 200 Tablet

Cepodoxime 200 Mg Tablet

Ceponic Cv Tablet

Cepodoxime 200 + Clavunevic 125 Mg Tablet

Clemitan Ch 40 Tablet

Telmisartan 40 + Chlor. 12.5

Clemitan Ch 80 Tablet

Telmisartan 80 + Chlor. 12.5

Clemitan Am Tablet

Telmisartan 40 + Amlodipine 5 Mg Tablet

Clemizole D Tablet

Pentaprazole 40 + Domp. 10

Clemizole Dsr Capsule

Pentaprazole 40 + Domp. 30 Sr Capsule

Clemizole Injection

Pentaprazole 40 Injection

Clenoz Tablets

Ofloxacin & Ornidazole Tablets

Clores 5 Tablet

Rosuvastatin 5 Mg

Clores 10 Tablet

Rosuvastatin 10 Mg

Clores 20 Tablet

Rosuvastatin 20 Mg

Clores F 10 Tablet

Rosuvastatin 10mg + Fenofibrate 160 Mg

Clores F20 Tablet

Rosuvastatin 20 Mg + Fenofibrate 160 Mg

Conast 100 Capsule

Itraconazole 100 Mg Capsule

Curinon Tablet

Curcumin 500 + Piperine 50 Tablet

Cristum Injection

Cefoperza Zone & Sulbactum

Curinon Forte Tablet

Curcumin + Piperine + Rosehip Extract + Vitamin C + Vitamin D3

Defizec 6 Tablet

Deflazocort 6 Mg

Dibepro Powder

Diabetic Protein Powder

Divecta Capsule

Ayurvedic Capsule For Diabetes

Elpello Sachet

Vitamin E 400 Sachet

Elpello Hair Serum

Hair Serum For Hair Problems

Eonec Plus Tablet

Aceclofenac 100 + Para 325 Tablet

Eonec SP Tablet

Aceclofenac + Para + Serratiopeptidase

Everglim 1 Tablet

Glmipride 1 Mg Tablet

Everglim 2 Table

Glimipride 2 Mg Tablet

Everglim M1 Tablet

Glimipride 1mg + Metformin 500 Mg Tablet

Everglim M2 Table

Glimipride 2 Mg + Metformin 500 Mg Tablet

Evervog 0.2 Tablet

Voglibose 2 Mg Tablet

Evervog 0.3 Tablet

Voglibose 3 Mg Tablet

Evervog M2 Tablet

Voglibose 0.2 Mg + Metformin 500 Tablet

Evervog M3 Tablet

Voglibose 0.3 Mg + Metformin 500 Tablet

Fexonon M Tablet

Fexofenadine + Montelukast

Folius XT Tablet

Ferrous Ascorbic Acid Combination

Fractheal Capsule

Cissus Quadrangularis 500 + Calcium 250

Fractheal Plus Capsule

Cissus Quadrangularis 500 + Calcium 250 + Vitamin D3 100

Fractheal Total Tablet

Rosehip Extract 275 + Devis Claw Ext + Boswellia Serrata Extract

G Cob Tablet

Gabapentin + Methylcobalamine

G Cob Plus Tablet

Gabapentin + Nortriptylin

Glevit D3 Nano Shot

Vitamin D3 6000 Nano Shots

Glevit D3 2k Tablet

Vitamin D3 2000 Tablet

Glevitd3 Plus Tablet

Vitamin D3 1000 + Methylcobalamin + Alpalopic Acid

Imaclav 625 Tablet

Amoxycillin 500 + Clavunic Acid 125

Imaclav 1.2 Injection

Acid 125 Amoxycillin 1000 + Clavunic Acid 200 Injection

Imactum 250 Tablet

Cefuroxime 250 Tablet

Imactum 500 Tablet

Cefuroxime 500 Tablet


Everlim Duo

Fractheal Joints

Fractheal Oil Pain

G-Cob Tablets

Glencet-M Tablets

Glenon's Rich Malt

Imince Tablets

Izudin Gargle

K2 Sure - XT Tablets


Krasny Beauty Shots

Pripcos Tablets

Restinight Gummies

Sincretin M

Trifact-AC Tablets

Xyolic Tablets

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